Joan Ivazes is owner / operator of Electric moon music studios in the Marin area. Using Protools, she writes, plays and produces music using vocals, keyboards, Guitar, piano, mandolin, some percussion. She is getting ready to release a CD she had been  in the studio producing so keep a lookout for when it drops!

    She has performed in many bands, ensembles and combo's throughout the years , primarily as a singer.  From 1987-2021 she sang in: Garage Sale,  CJ and the Groove, The Tribe, Blue Shadows, Air Prayers, The Night Mares, The Glide Ensemble,  the Mirabai Ensemble, InVoc, The Ring, The Marinfidels, and sang backup for Maria Muldaur.    She has sang on CD productions for other artists, including:   The Ring, Jeff Jones, and Charles Moselle.  
Her music was featured in film ​"The Song Within" which was presented at the Sedona Film Festival in 2010.  

    Her styles range from blues, jazz, rock, soulfolk, gospel, improvisational voice, pop, down tempo electronic soul, sound healing.  Some of her influences include: The Beatles,  Eurythmics,  Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Crosby,  Stills, Nash & Young,  Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Earth Wind & Fire, Katie Lang, Alan Parsons, Heart, Diane Reeves, among others. 

     She found her highest expression in the music world to be vocal  improvisation, and for the last 14 years she has explored this passionately and performed with singers like  Rhiannon, Dara Roberts, Rose Chapman, Pollyanna Bush, Raz Kennedy, David Worm, Bryan Dyer,  Michael Smollens, among others. 

She has lead vocal improvisation expression workshops and circles at Chiropractic Clear Days, ( transformation healing workshops for Network Chiropractors), for Doctors Lisa Hartnett and Melani Hernand.  She leads and offers improvisational vocal games at parties to get creative expression going, where people surprise themselves with how liberating it can be  to  jump in and just sing a little! 
She now produces music in her studio in San Rafael, as well as supports others in their creative musical projects, recording and coaching singers and songwriters.  
    She has worked as a musical director for a dramatic production at Tamalpais High School, in Mill Valley, Ca,  working with teens on songwriting for a class performance. 

    She has done sound and music editing and production for Web sites, and created music for healing practitioners in Mill Valley Ca.  She became certified as a sound healing practitioner in 2008 at the Institute of Sound & Consciousness in San Francisco, CA and then continued her education in engineering for sound healing music. ​She creates personalized sound healing compositions for her clients.​