Joan uses her background in music to create healing compositions specifically designed for her clients.  Some of the compositions help the listener activate different brainwave states, for example: the alpha state,  which assist with reducing stress, can helps with sleep issues and anxiety, and can bring one into a more peaceful  state of mind.  She uses a variety of sound healing tools but mostly uses her intuitive skills and deep sense of the human emotional landscape to facilitate her client's transformation of blocked energies or issues that are ready to be cleared. She is dedicated to locating the truth in a given situation and to guiding others towards freedom, empowerment, and living in their creative potential.  

She received her sound healing certification at The Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco in 2008, and continued her education in Voice Bio technology as well as  Acutonics.  Joan Received her Certification in Massage Therapy in 1990, and practiced in Nevada City CA, San Francisco and in Marin, CA. ​​

 She has created music for healing practitioners in Marin, Ca, and can create unique scores tailored specifically for your healing sessions or meditation.  Her education in engineering for sound healing music has helped her expand as a musician and ​understand how everything is vibration. Sound can truly change your physiology, your mind, your mood and your attitude.   

Music Therapy & Sound Healing