A circle of singers gather periodically to sing and improvise with intention, singing spontaneous prayers which are created to bring healing through vocal exploration and spontaneous giving.  Using vocal improvisation and connection to our truth and higher source, we sing, sound, and drum for the healing of ourselves and others.  Whether the prayers are sung for the world or are focused on transforming our own lives, the experience can be rich and inspiring, as well as musically satisfying and freeing. Much creativity is revealed in this form of singing. Through melody, rhythm, harmony, timing and community..the joys of vocal music are celebrated.  

"Singing on solstice 2009 in the Headland Tunnels was one of the creative highlights of my life!"
 J I

  Using vocal improvisation as a key in the songwriting process,  she supports others in their creative musical projects by recording and coaching singers and songwriters. Using multi layered vocals in the recording process, she helps singers to experience harmony, and the concepts of writing parts using vocals as the main instrument. 
Joan is available to lead improvisational vocal circles for workshops, parties or performance.  Through vocal exploration with some simple vocal guidelines, she will guide you into your voice and your playful side!
Call and response, interlocking parts, harmony, solo's, rhythm and bass, vocal playground here we come!